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What Is Takes To Make the Best Chef Knife

Want to invest in the best chef knife? Its time you end your search and bring home the HappyMoon Kitchenware™ Chefs Knife. At HappyMoon, we deeply care about our customers and have designed a product after gathering feedback from people.

We believe in providing our customers with utmost satisfaction and have taken your feedback into consideration. Here’s why our chef knife is the best in town.

Full Tang

When purchasing a chef knife, you cannot make the mistake of ignoring what kind of tang it has. The knife tang is an integral part of the knife that offers balance, strength and stability. Some of the best knives in the world are made using only a single piece of steel that extends through the entire body of the knife.

Cutting Onion With Chef's Knife

Such knives are known to have ‘full tangs’. While there are many different types of tangs, full tang knives have a significant edge over these knives in the following ways:

  • Greater Control – As full tangs are constructed using a single piece of steel, they are least likely to dislodge from the handle. One of the most significant disadvantages of using half tang knives is that the blades feel shaky when you are chopping though dense foods. This increases the risk of accidents. Full tang, on the other hand, stay in one place and offer the user greater control whilst chopping dense foods.
  • More Balance – Full tang knives consist of one solid piece of steel. This provides the chef added leverage and better balance so you can swiftly dice, slice and peel ingredients in a matter of seconds without worrying about a wobbly knife.

Knife Bolster

The perfect chef knife is incomplete without a bolster which also known as the collar or the shoulder of the knife. The bolster is a thick piece of metal that serves as a meeting point for the handle and the blade. What’s surprising is that not all knives come with a bolster, particularly Japanese Styled Knives. Because these bolsters offer convenience to the user, HappyMoon has incorporated it in their knife’s design. Here are some benefits of a knife bolster:

Happy Moon's Chef Knife

  • Prevents Accidents – The next time you furiously start chopping ingredients, you won’t have to worry about cutting your finger. A bolster acts a finger guard that prevents your hand from getting in the way of the knife. This reduces the risk of accidents and allows you to work in a safe environment.
  • Adds Strength – The thickness of the bolster determines how strong the blade really is. The bolster adds strength to the knife so the thicker the material, the stronger the knife. Thanks to the added strength, chefs no longer have to add additional pressure to the knife while chopping through dense and difficult ingredients.

Professional chefs would be pleased to know that HappyMoon’s Kitchenware Chef’s Knife has a thick bolster.

Length of the Blade

We here at HappyMoon realize how the length of the blade plays an integral role in the knife’s overall performance. Chef knifes are measured in inches. While shorter blades are ideal for peeling ingredients and longer blades are ideal for slicing through something large, an 8-inch chef knife is the most popular knife among chefs all around the globe.

6-inch chef knives may provide the user with greater control but it is not strong enough. Needless to say, knives with longer blades allow chefs to slice ingredients with ease with a single stroke.

HappyMoon’s Kitchenware Chef’s Knife features a desirable 8-inch blade that is highly preferred by chefs all around the world. The knife is easier to handle and allows chefs to slice through multiple and large ingredients with swift strokes. The knife fits easily into the user’s hand, resulting in better control and performance. This significantly reduces the risk of accidents, allowing you to work with ease.

Cutting Lemon With Happy Moon's Chef Knife

Ergonomic Comfortable Handle

Chefs use knives as often as artists use their brushes. If you are going to spend the entire day tediously preparing delicious meals, you ought to invest in a chef knife that offers an ergonomic and comfortable handle. HappyMoon’s Kitchenware Chef Knife features an ergonomic handle that feels comfortable and secure in your hand.

The specially designed handle will not cause your hand to strain and neither will it feel slippery when in use. This prevents the user from holding the knife at awkward angles, preventing accidents in the kitchen.

Additionally, hand fatigue is a common problem faced by chefs who spend their entire day in the kitchen. HappyMoon’s comfortable and ergonomically designed handle allows the user to work throughout the day without experiencing tiredness and hand fatigue.

Corrosion Resistant

We here at HappyMoon understand how unhygienic and unattractive rust coated knives are which is why we have devised a Chef Knife that is resistant to rust and corrosion. Our exquisite chef knives are crafted from stainlessness, a metal alloy that is resistant to all kinds of stains. Additionally, these knives are easy to clean and maintain. You can toss them in the dishwasher as well, but we recommend hand washing for best results.

Happy Moon's Chefs Knife on Table

Life Time Guarantee

We believe in providing our customers with the best products which is why we offer a limited lifetime guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the product for any reason at all, simply contact us and return it for a full refund.

Stainless Steel Blade

Unlike other blade materials that do not offer the same strength and are known to corrode over time, HappyMoon’s Kitchenware Chef Knife features a high-quality stainless steel blade that is not only resistant to corrosion but is also tough enough to slice through dense ingredients.

So, you see, HappyMoon’s Chef Knife is the best knife in town and definitely deserves a spot in your fancy kitchen.

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