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Benefits of High Pressure Shower Heads

You can invest in the biggest and most expensive custom designed showers in the world but without good water pressure, shower time just wouldn’t be as good as it should. Strong water flow is essential if you truly want your morning shower to wake up you up and rejuvenate your senses and for that you need to invest in an excellent high pressure shower head.

What is a High Pressure Shower Head

According to this reputable website, a high pressure shower head is especially designed to provide higher water pressure whilst maintaining a consistent water flow. This design is achieved though adjustable spray setting or by following a pressure chamber design.

While an adjustable spray setting condenses the shower head’s spray for a smaller yet stronger water pressure, the pressure chamber incorporates air in the shower. The combined force of air and pressure forces water out with greater pressure, resulting in better showers.

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Benefits of High Pressure Shower Heads

Better Showers

Adequate pressure and water flow is essential for a good shower. Low pressure shower heads can be frustrating after a long exhausting day at work. A high pressure shower head allows the user to get sparkly clean in just a matter of minutes.

Less Time Consuming

What’s the point of taking a shower when you have to spend more than half an hour washing yourself? One of the most obvious benefits of a high pressure shower head is it allows you to wash yourself completely in significantly less time as compared to a bath or a low pressure shower head.

Allow yourself to sleep a couple of minutes more in the morning with all that time you save. High pressure shower heads are the perfect option for people who have long hair. Simply apply the shampoo and rinse your scalp. It will only take a few minutes.

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Water Conservation

What part are you playing in making this world a better place? By using high pressure shower heads, you waste less water. Apart from conservation of water, these shower heads automatically help you save more on your utility bills. Use that extra money to buy something special at the end of the month or save it in your bank account for a rainy day.

Results in Cleaner Feel

Do you ever walk out of the shower with traces of shampoo still in your hair? High pressure shower heads guarantees thorough rinsing of the entire body, so harmful chemicals from soaps and shampoos do not retain in your hair. The retention of these artificial chemicals can be detrimental to your health in the long run and can damage the general condition of your hair and skin.

Additionally, chlorine traces in shower water can bond to your hair and skin, resulting in loss of moisture, disrupting the balance of helpful bacteria that reside on the skin. This causes your skin to become irritated and dry, eventually resulting in premature signs of aging, such as wrinkles and skin discoloration. Fortunately, high pressure shower heads eliminates these risks by thoroughly rinsing the hair and skin.

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Prevents Illnesses

Unfortunately, shower heads are a common breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms that like to multiply in damp places and cause a risk of infections. According to this blog, some of these bacteria, such as mycobacterium avium, can cause pulmonary diseases. High pressure showers naturally wash off such bacteria so you can enjoy shower time without fear of contracting harmful diseases.

Consider investing in HappyMoon’s High Pressure Shower Head. Apart from its high water pressure design and excellent water flow, this fantastic shower head features a self-cleansing design with silicon rubberized nozzles that resists hard water deposit and calcium build-up.

Therapeutic Effect

Thanks to the high pressure and flow shower head, you no longer have to complain about sore muscles and cramps. The pressure from the water is guaranteed to soothe aching muscles, better than any professional massage you would pay for in a spa.

The pressurized water flow results in thicker streams of water that target sore muscles, resulting in maximum effect that naturally massages and relaxes your tired muscles. The therapeutic effect allows users to release stress after a long, tiring day. This eventually goes a long way in helping you feel better and less fatigued.

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HappyMoon’s Rainfall High Pressure Shower Heads

It is time you ditch conventional shower designs and bring home HappyMoon’s Bath Essentials Rainfall High Pressure Shower Head. The high-end shower not only adds visual appeal to the bathroom but incorporates advanced technology that allows optimal pressure buildup for better, quicker and more rejuvenating showers. Here’s why you should invest in this product:

  • Rainfall Sensation – You no longer have to wait for rainy days to get drenched. HappyMoon’s Bath Essentials Shower Head uses a drenching spray for maximum cleaning and optimal hair rinsing performance. This allows the user to have a more relaxing shower.
  • Excellent Pressure and Flow – The shower head uses a self-pressurizing system that not only increases the water force but results in maximum coverage.
  • Shorter and Better Showers – Tired of showers that take up too much of your time? HappyMoon’s Bath Essentials high pressure shower head will not only cut shower time short but will also result in lower utility bills, allowing you to save more money in the long run.
  • Water Conservation – The innovative design allows the user to conserve more water. The eco friendly design maintains excellent water flow without sacrificing performance.

It is time you replace those low pressure shower heads with something more modern and eco-friendly. So, what are you waiting for? Invest in HappyMoon’s Bath Essentials High Pressure Shower Head.

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